Grade 6


my old home

My old home was the best! When there were summer storms, and winter blizzards we used to go downstairs and slept in the guest bedrooms together. My dad always started a nice warm cozy fire. We used to watch movies on Netflix using our parent’s phones!
The living room was where we celebrated birthdays and holidays with friends and family! When my brother and I were little, my dad use to help us build huge forts with everything we could find that wouldn’t break or get damaged. It took up the entire living room and we made a tunnel lead to the TV so we could play and watch TV together.
At my old house, I used to wake up because I had a bad dreams so I jumped out of bed and ran down the curving twisted hallway into my parent’s grand bedroom and slept with my parents as snug as a bug in the middle! Sometimes they’d kick me out but I would just climb back in with them.
My brother bought a magnetic dart board for the family and our friends, with his own earned allowance for doing chores around the house! My brother and I use to verse each other and we used to be best friends and we did everything together.
I grew up in that house.
When it was just the middle of the night. I would wake up and when I am awake it’s hard to go back to sleep. My dad would always go and get my soft thick, and very warm blanket and we cuddled up on our nice comfy couch and snuggled with a movie or Netflix until I fell asleep!
That house was my home. That was where my life started and where I learned a lot and I grew up there. That house had lots of love in there and I hope the new owners will love it just as much as my family loved it!