Grade 6

New Brunswick

my move

Lindsay Wiebe
Mrs. PironLA
November 4, 2016

my move
Home is a place where I feel safe, I come after a hectic day and sink into my brow leather couch. Home is a place where you smell popcorn on movie night, and hear the arguing about what movie were going to watch. On taco Tuesday you smell fresh vegetables and hear people munching on that hard warm shell. The first thing that comes to mind when I hear home is family, love and routine!!! This is my routine from when I get back from school…
While I bump down the road on the bus my feet tap to the song on the radio. All of a sudden the bus SLAMS on the breaks, as the bus stops my face hits the seat. When I get of I say thank you in a soft voice. When I reach my house I drop my book bag and down stairs and let my dogs out of there room where they have probable been whimpering all day. By the time I’m done all my chores everyone is home.
My brother my dad and I watch any sports game that’s going on. Half way through the sports game mom will yell SUPPER!!!!!!! We all run up stairs and grab are plats and eat are supper at are table. When were done we watch the rest of the game then go to mom and dad tuck me in and say good night. I think to myself “man am I lucky to have a home.
When I was 4 my parents told me we were moving. I thought they just meant a couple blocks away soon I found out that it was not the case. We had to move from Woodstock to Fredericton!!!! It took us four years to cell are house, but when it sold all the memories of that house where gone. Shure I will still remember the memories them but it’s not the same as actually living in the house. Know I understand why they did this they did for me and my brother, and we have made new memories, friends and a new home.
In conclusion I remember why I was little my mom always used to say “appreciate what you have.” She even says it sometimes now and will probably say it again in the future. The point is every time she says it, it simply reminds me of home.