Grade 6


My Meanings Of Home

My Meanings Of Home

What home means to me, home is very special to me in every way. Home is where your family is.There is at least hundred and hundreds of ways that home means to me. But I narrowed it down to three most important things that home means to me. Which are feelings, visitors and privileges.
In my house I have a lot of feelings. Like love, all the time I feel loved at home all the time. Also, I feel cared by my family by my mom and dad. They make me meals and tuck me into bed and plays games with me. Sometimes my sister gives me candy and treats and also plays with me. It is nice to be cared by your family.
Every now and then visitors come over. A lot of the time the visitors are my family. Sometimes they are my friends too. I enjoy the company of my friends and family. They make me feel happy. My family sometimes brings gifts for the me and my sister and our cousins to play with and enjoy with.
When it turns into winter I often get cold. so when I get home, my mom either turns the heater on or the fireplace on. Then my dad makes warm meals for us to eat on. Then me and my dad go into bed and play racing games for 30 minutes a night. It id so fun to go home to all of this.
Home is a very special place to me. “Home is where your heart is”. These things are very important to me. Family/visitors, feelings and privileges. I think of them as the most important things of home. I can not think of any better ways of what home means to me. I am lucky to live in such a good part of the world. When others places are being destroyed.

By: Lily Webster