Grade 5


My Meaning Of Home

Home means to me that you have a place to sleep, a place to play a place to make memories, a home is a place where you can do what you want to do, you can be free a home is where you live you shouldn’t be judged in your own home you should be able to play what you want to play, a home you can feel loved and be loved by your family, a home is a place where you have fun with your brothers, sisters and friends.

When I moved I was really sad and I didn’t want to leave. I thought that I was going to lose all my friends. I didn’t really even like the house but then I got used to it and I was glad I moved . now I live really close to the school that I go to.

Sometimes I think about that what would it be like without a home. I know it would be very hard to live without a home and not easy without a shelter to cover you from the rain, snow and hail and nothing to block you from the cold hard wind at night. You would be really cold without a warm home to snuggle in. Sometimes families get separated because they don’t have a home and I think that should not be happening that should stop nobody should have no home. You celebrate holidays with people what if you don’t celebrate easter, christmas, halloween valentine’s day and even some people don’t celebrate their own birthday that should not happen. A home is where you say your first words, you make moments with you family, where you eat your food, where you socialize with your family and where you play and have fun with your family.