Grade 4

Niagara falls

my meaning of home

-At home I can smell food,breakfast, lunch,dinner and desserts. I smell farts( dad, mom, sister and dog) breath (my dad and sister mainly) and wet dog but these all make me feel at home.
-Mainly at home I can taste my mom’s homemade meals which makes me feel cared for. I can not´taste fear because I will always feel safe no matter what happens .
I feel relaxed when I pet or stroke my dog Jake. I feel loved and safe and cared for by my family and comfy and warm at my house.
-When I get home from school the first thing I see is my mom and I give her a big hug. The second thing I see is my furniture like my TV, couch and my dinner table. When I go into my room I see my bed and stuffed animals and I give them all a big hug. These are some things that make me happy. When I go to the bathroom I see fresh soap, shampoo, conditioner and bodywash and my sink and bathtub which I use to wash myself.
-Things that I can hear is my sister playing piano and singing. I also hear music and laughing. I can also hear my dog barking with excitement. There are times I hear my family crying but we always find a way to help each other find happiness.