Grade 5


My Meaning Of Home

Editor’s Note
I can’t imagine what it would be like without a home. I have walked and travelled through Regina, seen homeless people, and then feel sorrow for them because they can’t experience or have a home. The idea behind this is if I didn’t have a home or forgot about all the things that make our lives better (TVs, Ipads, Iphones, Microwaves, comfortable space, etc.) and focus solely on just what home means to me. I hope other people will do the same and focus on what home means to them. Please think about what home means to you and then enjoy this interpretation of the true meaning of home.

Home is where celebrations for your differences are held. Home is also where you spend your childhood and where you grow up. It is a place you can go for friends. That is home for people who don’t have a house.

Home to me is where you live and where you spend quality time with your family and your friends. Home is the thing that takes care of you when you’re sick and also when you’re healthy. It is where you work hard and gain rewards. That is the meaning #1 of home to me.
Home is where you can share thoughts and ideas and where memories are made. Home is a place full of joy and happiness. Home is where you can express your feelings and where you can get inspired. Home is the place where you can be lazy. That is the second meaning of home to me.

The three meanings of home to me are things I thought could go together or tie in with the definition of the meaning. The first meaning is what I thought it would be like to not have a house or forget about things in my house. Thank you for reading and I again encourage you to write yourself.