Grade 6

British Columbia

My Meaning Of Home

I know my home.
What my home means to me is a place where I feel happy.
To be together with things that I love.
Home is a place I know I can go to and be enjoyed.
I like my home because it is where I live and it’s where I can eat snacks and be lazy.

Home is a unique place unlike any other
Everyone is happy. If not, we help each other
I like to be in this place every single day
I’d rather sleep on a bed than a pile of hay.

Home is the marvellous place that I am sad not everyone has access to, because everyone deserves to have that warm feeling. Just THINK of all the things a home can provide you: running water, a place to sleep, shelter, comfort, and that’s (when you think about it) really good.

I like the fact that when you actually HAVE a home it’s not only comforting, it’s also kind of relieving that home is something you can come home to after school/work instead of just having to sleep on the ground in a sleeping bag.

I know that home is a safe place where happiness surrounds and engulfs everything making everyone in the home happy. I know that homes may change over time. Eg, you move, earthquake, little sibling, but all those things just take a little getting used to, as do ALL changes.

Home, the place that you live in, is where you are connected to your surroundings and your belongings. That’s why, when you move, you are kind of sad because you have been there for sometimes almost all your life, but you mostly are excited to see a new place and a new home.