Grade 6

British Columbia

My Meaning Of Home

The scientific definition of home is : a place where one lives permanently,

but my meaning of home is:

A place where you sleep, eat, play, have fun, spend time with your family.

Home is a place you love and spend the most time at.

A house is very different from a home.

A house has a roof over your head but a home is everything and beyond.

My home is full of love and joy.

My home is full of support and dreams.

My home is my special place.

My home nurtures me.

I never have a doubt in my mind that when I go to sleep I will fear nothing.

I feel safe and comfortable in my home.

There is never a night that I’m scared or don’t sleep.

My home is warm and safe from anything that could scare me or harm me.

At night I’m all bundled up in my covers that I drift right off to sleep.

I am so lucky that I have a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in, and parents to love me.

That we need to help other people get in the place that they feel safe and comfortable.

Even if that is a homeless shelter, a apartment, or a townhouse.

Whatever makes them feel safe.

I love my home and I hope I can make other people love their’s too.

That is my meaning of home.