Grade 4


My meaning of Home

My meaning of Home
Home is a place where I’m cozy and safe.
I get warm when theirs a storm.
I sit by my fire place.
There’s a screen so it’s safe.
When I go to sleep
I never hear a peep.
I love my home it can’t be better.
I have a brother and a mother.
Don’t forget my dad
He’s really rad!
I feel sad and mad I went through my toys
I wish I could give them to homeless boys
I wish everyone had a dish of food. I wish people would realize that people need help. For kids that don’t have a home I wish they could roam.
I wish I could change the world by myself.
people’s moods. It would be fun if everyone could have fun. At home it’s fun because I can have fun. I wish people would give stuff to the homeless I mean think of what we have and they have they will feel sad. We can all make a change if we just try.