Grade 6


My Meaning Of Home

What does home mean to me? Homes are special places that you and your guardian (s) put together as a shelter. This shelter has many specialties for very important reasons. This shelter is used as a place where you have celebrations and parties. A home is a place where you can cry while laughing, and sob when you’re sad. It is also a creative building where you can give hugs and kisses, wake up in the morning and be happy about nothing. At night you you can go to bed scared because you and your family watched a scary movie. In this dwelling you eat delicious meals in the morning, afternoon, and evening. This food can be prepared for special occasions, holidays, or just for yourself. A home is a type of building where you can relax and do other activities such as a sport or a form of music. This place is where you make new memories and love the people around you. A home is whenever I’m with my family. This was my meaning of home.