Grade 5


my meaning of home

The meaning of home to me is it is full of love and joy. Some people don’t
Even have homes, but if we flip it around then everybody gets a home.
Those people that don’t have a home will always have a home inside them.

Home is a place where you have fun with your family, friends and not in that cold rain, not
have not have food, water and most of all shelter.

I see people walk door to door and walking in and out money isn’t the clue
To anyone.
The clue is shelter and peace I could walk anywhere and still have a family
And a home.

If you get lost you will always be found just know you’re not alone cause I’m
Going to make this place your home.

Home and family and friends are better then out in the cold, cold rain just
Know that if you have a friend or friends you will always be there friend and
They will always be yours.

We all have a lot to be thankful for the memories through the years, the many times
Together full of laughter, full of tears, to sleep perchance to dream.