Grade 5


My meaning of home

My Meaning of home by Abigail .w

My home is old ,my home is sturdy, my home is home to my family. It’s a place to feel safe when cold , warm or out of place . A place to always to feel safe ,a place to stay when you’re sick.

My home is place to stay when cold on a winter day ,a place to feel warm inside. It’s a place to have fun when outside with everyone outside .

Home is a place where I will stay and open presents on Christmas Day.
Home is a place to love each other each day . One day I’ll have a new home. And nothing’s getting in my way . I’m so lucky to have a place to stay .I’ll never move too far away ,I’ll always be apart of a big amazing family .

When I’m older I will still love my home . I hope I’m won’t be alone,Hopefully the walls will still be as hard as stone .

Half my life is full of home ,it’s my comfort zone, I have a place that is my own ,it’s my room that I can see the moon when the window glows.

My home means all of this and so much more .just like all the stars in the sky when I open my front door at night when they shine so bright.

My home is great especially when you’re with your family and is having fun !
Homes my place when I fall asleep,and play outside while jumping in leaves in falls cold winter days that doesn’t always stay.

being home is so much fun just like playing outside in the morning sun, In summers days when it doesn’t really rain buts still fun even when there’s no sun .

My home is just so much fun ,I love my home and my family !