Grade 6


My Meaning of Home

A home is that kind of place where everyone is positive and feels loved. In the cozy kitchen the stove is heating and the kettle is bubbling and boiling, and a young girl is waiting for it to finish. As soon as it does she’ll settle down with an enticing book and her sweet peppermint tea. Night suddenly rolls around and the various stars show their curious beauty. Once you gaze upon them you can’t help but quietly shed a tear for you know you are never alone. You get all sleepy so your parents come to tuck you in to your cozy bed. After you’ve said your goodnights, just before your parents leave you tell them you shall forever love them.

Eventually you wake up to the sound of the television, and you find out it’s your father cooking oatmeal and joyfully watching his favorite news channel. Slowly and sleepily you get up, then halt and look out your window, the sun is rapidly rising and there are beautiful magenta and gold colours illuminating the sky. The aroma of the homemade oatmeal fills the house, and all the children come skipping towards the kitchen rather gaily. They tell each other what they dreamed of, the gleefully head off to the bathrooms to get ready for school. Everyone has combed their hair, brushed their teeth, washed their faces and used the bathroom, so they pack their lunches and head out their long twisted driveway.

When they get home everyone unpacks their own backpacks. Children can’t wait until their parents are home so then together the family can watch their favorite TV show attentively. Finally, they laugh at all the character’s funny mistakes. At 8:45 the children start getting ready for bed and their days restart. Families always have the best time when they are together, I’m so thankful we can spend it together in a home.