Grade 4


My meaning of home

My Meaning of Home
Home means to me where no one will be mean and call you bad names. No one will laugh at you. It’s a place where you know when you come home someone will be there to greet you from school. A place where everyone is joyful and kind. People in the community you know won’t hurt you and are always kind. Home to me is where memories are made. A place where you have food to eat and water to drink. I think that other people who are homeless should have a home to sleep in and have food to eat and water to drink. I don’t think it’s fair for some people to have a bed to sleep in and other people don’t have an amazing life like we do. Home is a place where you know you are loved. I think all people should have a family who loves them so very much. I wish homeless people had food so they would be in a better mood. Homeless people should be happy not sad. It breaks my heart to see homeless people walking around wanting food, water and money. It’s not fair. I can just imagine me as a homeless person no family no food no water no love no happiness it’s horrible just to think about those people all alone. I can just imagine those people who when there’s a huge storm there trying to find a place to stay warm for the night. I feel like we can make a change even though it means giving your favorite things away. I feel like we can change the lives of many. We can make a change in this world.