Grade 4

Nova Scotia

My meaning of home

Home does not always mean a house, it can mean a feeling, for me, home is when i’m with my family, I found this out last thanksgiving at my grandparent’s house,this is how.

“Mom!!!! It’s almost time to go to our grandparents for Thanksgiving dinner and we haven’t even started making the salad we’re supposed to bring,” I yelled from upstairs in my room where I was reading my favorite series in the world,Harry Potter. My room was a nice and big room that I shared with my little sister,Charlotte (begrudgingly) the room was a bit dull in my opinion,because it was painted with very pale colours.

Around a half an hour later,I was in my car on the way to my grandparents. I was starving,that’s why I was so excited, because my grandmother made gravy that was out of this world! I cherish gravy, it’s the best! She also makes outstanding mashed potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy are the best together.

My grandparents house is very fancy but still very cozy that’s why I love having dinner there(other than the fact that they make really good food)they also have an amazing view of the arm,they literally live right beside the arm,I love it when there’s a sailboat race because I get to see all the sailboats on the water!

Once we got there it was time for dinner because we were a bit late. By that time I was STARVING!!! So I sat down and was hoping that we could eat soon. But before we ate, we had to say what we were thankful for,I said that I was thankful for my house, no my home I had corrected, just the meaning of home itself. But when I said those words, they didn’t come from my mouth, they came from my heart, and to say something so deep and truthful felt incredible,I said it because it’s true that I love that amazing feeling that I get when i’m with my family, whenever I’m with my family.

That is what the feeling of home means to me, and now whenever i’m with my family, I get that soothing, relaxed, tinkling feeling that I will always belong with my family, that is the meaning of home to me.What’s the feeling of home to you?