Grade 6


My Joy Full Home

My home is filled with joy, love and laughter when my family comes together. My family gathers in my memory made living room from a far distance and a close distance. My family shares lovely memories, and experiences that we had with each other. We are extremely happy to see each other again that makes our warming living room part of a comfy home.
I wake up to the delicious sweet smell of sugary waffles on the griddle. In the bright dining room my loving family comes together and share our interesting day. We have lovely and hilarious conversations while we eat, this makes my loving kitchen and warm dinning room a part of a home.

My bright colorful bedroom is the place where I go when I dream haply in my comphy bed. The warm loving stuffies on my comfy bed comfort me when I’m lonely. I love my comphy bedroom because it’s the room to go when I need some peace, this makes my comfy bedroom a part of a warm home.
My rec room is the place where my family gathers on the exiting crazy day to unwrap our exiting Christmas presents. And share what we got and we have lots of conversations and are happy. Sometimes I read, knit, or crochet by the blazing hot dancing fire, this makes the loving rec room apart of a home.
My yard is clearly the place for my velvety pets and for me to go and have lots of fun and fresh, cool, air. I love to play with my fuzzy cats or feed the crazy chickens and waddling ducks, jumping on the bouncy trampoline. We like playing with my awesome, kind best friend in my yard, this makes my yard a part of a cozy home.