Grade 4


My House is My Home

Where all memories are stored
I have a house and it is my home. Its where I keep all
my memories and where all the special things happen in
my life. One memory that I had in my home was when my grandma came over and she made the best french toast ever!!!!!!!!

My Home is safe
My home is made of bricks, and bricks are super strong. That is why I feel safe in my home. My home is where I feel safe. That’s because, my mom and dad are there and my mom and dad are safe adults.

My home is made up of …
My home is made up of 4 floors. The basement is the place I hate the most. Every time I go down there I get the shivers. That’s because the lights never come on, so it’s always dark. The first floor is where it smells the best! That’s because,me and my mom do all the cooking there. One thing I made with my mom is stir fry ,and that was really good! The second floor is where my room is. Something special about my room is that it has the biggest window in the house. The attic is where I never go. My mom says there are spiders up there, I hate spiders they are creepy and crawly.

Family Living Within
My family lives in my home with me. They are very important to me because they are my family and I love them with all my heart.

My Loving Home
My home is beautiful and pretty. It is where I live. My home is special and important to me . That is why I love my beautiful home.