Grade 6


My House is My Home

This house is a home to me.
My living room is an affectionate place where cheerful memories are made. It holds the forest green artificial Christmas tree. The memorable family pictures on the wall bring everyone to stop and gaze at us all together as a family. Joyous, blissful, compassionate family.
This house is a home to me.
The kitchen is a delicious room where delectable and delightful smells fill the air and extraordinary freshly baked cookies are always waiting for us to devour them. Everything tastes better when you eat with family. Pleasurable, kindhearted, passionate family.
This house is a home to me.
My bedroom is where I peacefully sleep every night. It has a comforting sent and a welcoming feeling. My wonderful bed is always ready for me to doze off under its warm, cushiony blankets and pillows. It’s the only place I can relax after a busy out-stretched day. Gladness, heartwarming, sympathetic family.
My house is a home to me.
Julia Kruk