Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador

My House

“My House”
One reason I like my house because it isn’t far away from the country where you can hunt. Another reason I like my house is I can play football and softball in my yard. I can play basketball and hockey in my shed.
Just above my house there is a place where I can build a fort. I can go for a run on my bike. Not far away from my house there is a pond that you can swim in in the summer and in the winter you can skate because it is frozen over.
There is a softball field not far away from my house. I don’t live far away from my nan, pop, and my aunt. My house has three stories.
My house is good because I have food, shelter and water and people all over the world don’t have a home. It would be good if I could give what I had to them if I won this contest.