Grade 6

New Brunswick

My Home(s)

JAIL BREAK! Finally I can come home and sit myself down on my comfy sofa and…”SEBASTIAN COME ON!” “Please, mom, five more minutes?” “No, we have to go” “Fine” but why? So I guess I can’t sit down on my couch, but, at least I have one. Tons of people in Canada (roughly 250000 people, yes 250000) don’t have a home or at least something comfy to sit on after a hard day. The only thing they have is the hard, cold ground! It really, really sucks… REALLY! My home is a place of work, work and more work but still my favorite place to be. My home holds a small family of three Lindsay, my mom Ryan, my dad and me, Sebastian. Oh, I almost forgot about my pets Brody, my dog and Prancer, my cat. There is one thing that I would change and one thing that I wouldn’t change… it’s loud and it’s loud (yeah, seriously) My cottage is a place of peace and not so much quiet. My mom’s step mom and dad live there. The reason for no quiet is Michael the 15 year old blacksmith (hint: BANG BANG BANG!) and me and my friend Josh. Sadly my cottage shuts down for 6 months every year, my grandparents go to Florida during that time. Double sadly for my grandparents this is probably there last year in Florida. That’s pretty much my cottage My mom’s mom’s house (that’s a tongue twister) is a place of tidiness and hidieness (that’s the name of her cat, no, her name is not hidieness it’s Hidie). Sadly (that’s right more sadness) she has her house in the market. Hidie is staying at my grandma’s (Crystal) boyfriend’s (Brent) house out in Stanley. My grandma’s boyfriend’s house is 250 years old and really big and that explains a bit about my grandma’s house. Those are a few places I can call home. I guess my cottage is a cottage, um, you get the point. Basically what I’m trying to say is that I really, really, really, love my home(s)!