Grade 5


My Home to Yours

My home to yours

November 2016
By: Sama Hamad

My home is never quiet, with the bird squawking her head off in the kitchen. The T.V. is on in the next room. My sister in her bedroom is breaking my eardrums with her saxophone. It may seem like chaos to you, but to me, this is what I call home.

Our home has no flaws. Even though there are squirrels living in the attic. There are dents and scratches on the wall, stains on the carpet. It’s all made from memories. All of us should be happy with what we have because many people don’t have a roof over their heads to call their own.

Home is a place where memories are kept safe and sound, but a house is just some wood and some nails. I think that everyone deserves a home, but not everyone has one. This makes me feel like I am about to EXPLODE! I sometimes feel confused. The one question I ask myself when I see a homeless person is “WHY?”. Why do they deserve this? It doesn’t matter how they got homeless but what we can do to change it.