Grade 6

New Brunswick


Hustle says my mom you don’t want to be late for school especially on Wednesday your favorite day of the week. ‘OK I said’ so leaped out of bed and was on my way. Finally I said as I got on the bus waved to my parents and left. Finally I got off the bus and went in the school for another long day. Yes I say it is the end of the day so I get on the bus and start to get on my way home!

It was a long day at school and I leap off the bus after the long day. I rush down the street and trot into the house. I get inside and chuck my bag on the floor. Then with a couple dozen steps I find myself on my bed upstairs.

After I get up on my bed I take a few long moments to relax. ‘thinking of my family and the hot meal I’ve been thinking and waiting for all day’. I get up and start the homework I got to do. It took a good hour out of waiting for my family and soon after I`m done they got home.

I greet them when they get home. I also can`t wait to jump in my bed with cozy warm sheets. Soon enough my delicious , warm meal hits the table and I get to finally get to chou down on some delicious warm food.

Yummm! That was my reaction to the taste of some scrupshis food. Later during my evening when I was in my bed I just thought of how lucky I was to have everything I have. Finally I got to go in my comphy cozy bed and sleep. But I new eventually I would haft to get up and do it all over again the next day.