Grade 6


My Home Poem

Home is a place where you can feel safe,
and have the feeling of joy and faith.
Your home can be a place that you love
it can be looking at the stars above.
Everyone should have a home I feel,
but sadly my dream isn’t real.
Some people live on the street,
while some people sit in the heat.
I wonder when humans will fix this,
this could be an opportunity that we could miss.

My home is in Saskatoon, Canada and I love the city,
I live in an apartment with my dad and my kitty. I love my home even if it’s small,
I love my family and that isn’t all.
A few of my family members live far away,
but we still stay in contact from day to day.

Help the homeless if you can,
how would you feel if you were that man?
Think about how other people feel,
when they have no home or no meals.
If you help the homeless you would be helpful,
and the person you help would be thankful.
If you have a home you shouldn’t get mad,
think of all the people who would be glad.
So let’s try to fix the world right now,
and everyone should know how.