Grade 6

New Brunswick

My Home of Hope

“Hurry up Ava I want to get home quick”! Called my sister sprinting up in front of me. I was so tired I could barely walk. My legs felt like they were going to fall off and collapse to the hard cement ground. “Wait up”! I called to my sister but she didn’t stop running. “What did you have that’s making you so hyper”. I asked. “Nothing”, she said with a smirk on her face. “I`m so excited for the soccer game tonight”! YELLED Nessa from a mile away! (A couple of meters) I was so excited to get home that day and feel the soft fur of my dogs back on my legs it’s so comforting. Just like home is comforting to me!
I walk in the door and first thing I see is my furry little ball of cuteness my dog! I kneel and feel her soft, cozy, furry back and I say. “what I would do without you Libby”? When I`m done petting Libby, I put her outside and give her some food and water. She loves going outside if she had a choice she would stay out there for her whole entire life! I`m so glad we have Libby and she is part of our home! Do you know the difference between a home and a house? A house is something that covers you from a pouring rain storm. But it doesn`t necessarily keep you safe. In a home and a house there is no guarantee you will always be safe. In a home, there is a better chance of you being safe because there`s people that love you and protect you and stand up for you. My home is a place where you can be yourself and be crazy and the most important of all make memories!
Can you imagine what it would feel like without food or water or even without a home or a family? Do you ever see people on the side of the road that are homeless without a family or a home? Well did you know that all of those people that you see, had a home and a family like you at one point. Then when they got older they started making their own decisions and they probably made a bad one and it went downhill from there! So keep in mind make good decisions!
If you don’t know what home feels like I`m about to tell you right now! Home is a place where I can feel safe and cozy, crazy, giggly and a lot more, a lot more. When I get home I take a big breath and smell the fresh smell of my house, and that makes me feel at home. I drop my bag and look in the fridge. I take an apple out and take a huge juicy bite (Mmmm good). When I am done eating my apple I call my parents; the first thing they say is how was your day. Then we talk on the phone for a while. After we are done talking they always say now go do your homework. My sister and I always say yes.
I think that everyone should have a place of their own to call home. Where they feel safe, comfortable and cozy. Have you ever thought that your home is so annoying and bad and you just want to leave and go to sleep on the road? There are over 200000 people in Canada that are homeless, no roof over their head to call home.