Grade 6


My Home My Views

My Home My Views

Home, to me, means my life, a place to live, and comfort.
Home can mean many things. For example, a home is the place where most of our memories are made, and it is the place we feel safe to be ourselves and grow up in. Home could be having a good shelter to live in and a good place to live. Although a home might look like it is just a shelter to live in, it is more than that because it boosts our self confidence.

It also means having a sustainable lifestyle, and just appreciating everything we have because per a report 30,000 Canadians are homeless every night in Canada and at least 200,000 people experience homelessness every year. If those people had a home, they would think very differently about what home means to them because they would appreciate everything that they have truly because only they understand what it feels like to spend a night without their home.

Furthermore, what home means to me is having a place to live. A home is a place where you go through thick and thin and a place which protects you from all the harsh weathers and conditions. In other words, home means a place that’s stable and strong. Home also means having normal necessities just like clean, purified water and having a stable house, however our first nations are not even provided with these normal necessities. “Determining the fact that some aboriginal communities such as the Neskantaga have been boiling their water for at least 20 years, and the human rights provide everyone the right of access to clean water”. As a matter of fact, 49 percent of aboriginal community homes need repair, and many are short of supplies. It is as if the government has put it’s back to the aboriginals and refused to provide any help.

In addition, what home means to me is comfort and luxury. A home has insulation that keeps you warm even in the coldest of weathers. Presumably, I believe a home is also family support because without family support a home can’t be home because that’s what makes a home a home, yet unfortunately much of our youth is orphaned. A home gives you comfort that is not affordable even if you go to a five-star hotel.

Thus what home means to me is my life, having a place to live, and last but not least comfort and luxury. “A house is made of bricks and beams a home is made of hopes and dreams”. -ZsaZsa Bellagio