Grade 5


My Home, My Plave

My home is a very special place for me. I feel protected in my home. Sometimes, I stop and think about those who don’t have a place to call ‘home’. I have, at times, peeked from my window and saw homeless people. All day after that, I become weepy. I wish I could help them.

According to me, a house differentiates from a home in many ways. A house is materialistic. Emotionless. In a home, you have your memories. From your first steps to your sleepovers. It is a place where you celebrate many different occasions. A home is where you can feel welcome. All in all, everyone’s home is unique.

A home is a place that covers me like a blanket. It is a place where I feel protected. I feel comfortable in my home. It is a warm and loving place.

In a home you do special, unique things. During that time, you are having fun with your family. You are celebrating your differences.

Another REALLY important part about a home is the people you share it with! They are a huge part of making a house a home. They make moments to memories.

In a home, you can share your feelings. You can talk about problems and nobody will judge you. The people you trust are your shoulders.
A home is a place where your ideas come to life. It gives you the motivation you need to get up there. A home is a place to make leaders. You can achieve your goals with a good home.

A home for me is where I can be myself. A home is a place to feel safe. A place to cherish your life. According to me, everyone deserves a home.