Grade 6

St. Albert

My Home Means

Home is a place where everyone is welcome and feels loved. There is not a time where you feel unloved. A home is different from a house. For starters anyone could live in a house whereas a home is a place you develop love for and a place you make memories. The feeling you get in a home is beyond compare. You have a family that you know will always be there. In a home you’re free to be whoever you want to be. A Home is a place where you can shed a tear, and your family will be quite near. A place where you aren’t judged, Based on you looks, culture, or because your makeup is smudged. Home is where your loved no matter what. People love you even more than you love your pet Mutt. Where a warm smile could brighten up your day. You go to bed, in a warm place you lay. A home is a place that you want to be. It gives you joy, that makes you burst! And that annoying sister who always comes first. It makes you smile, beyond compare, and now you know your home is there.