Grade 5


My Home made into a poem

My home is my relaxation zone, a place where I know I can be alone.
My home is fun I can always throw in a pun.
My home is nice, it’s the place my family gives me advice.
At home I sleep, without making a peep.
My home is warm, even when there’s an ice storm.
There is never ever doom, when I’m in my room.
At home you have a collection, of your family’s protection.
At home I make memories; it’s the place I keep my treasuries.
When I pray, I know I will have a great day.
I feel sad when I see people on the street, and notice they need something to eat.
I try to help them as much as I can, so I always keep food in my minivan.
I love my home and this is the end of my poem.