Grade 6


My Home Is Filled With Heart Warming Menories!

My home is a loving place. Our family room is filled with laughter and joy. It is where we create memories to pass down. This is where we laugh and tell each other how our day went at work or at school.
My home is a joyful place. Outside is where my dad cooks the food and in our dining room is where my mom prepares the food. In the dining room is where we spread joy and laughter while we gobble up our food.
My home is a beautiful place. My bedroom is where my lizards sit and where they sleep and chomp down on their food. Where my bedroom is, is where I sleep and dream about what will happen next in my life. On the floor of my bedroom lays an undersized area rug and that is where my dog sometimes sleeps.
My home is a hysterical place. Right beside my house is where the garage lies. Inside the garage is where our hockey equipment stinks up the whole place. This is also where my dad weld, cuts wood and metal, builds docks, builds rail systems and fixes boats. Dad’s garage outside also has markers, soapstone and pencils to mark the spots where he has to cut. This is what makes my house a home