Grade 4


my home is caring for me

My home is caring for me like a guardian
My home is my comfort zone in my bed
My home is a fun amusing place with my stuff

Home is a place where you would learn to laugh and cry stumble and fall
Home is one of the first things you see when you are born
Home is the only place that you feel like yourself
Home is your happy place a place where you can rest and sleep

but there are some people
Who don’t have a home
Who don’t have a man cave
Who don’t have food for days
Who don’t have safety
Who don’t have fun

They just struggle out in the darkness
They have to suffer outside in the cold dark place
in the night

But there is a way to help
A way to be helpful
A way to be kind, to live like you don’t regret it
A way to have a better community
A way to be happy
A way to have home:)

You can help by donating to the meaning of home