Grade 6

New Brunswick

My Home Is Awesome

My Home is Awesome
What home means to me is a place I can be safe. A place I can sleep, play, relax, and be able to be protected from the rain and lightning. Home is a place where I can be loved by people and be around people I love. It is a place that I can call home. I think everyone should have a place to call his or her own.
Everyday I’m on the bus going home with friends in every seat. The bus stops at many houses. When it gets to my stop, I run home and open the door, put my bag on the floor and take a deep breath of the nice air. It makes me know I’m at home and I can relax in my room and watch TV knowing I don’t have to do anything. I can just relax.
The next morning I wake up and get dressed and go to my kitchen and have breakfast and then brush my teeth and head to school. Then after a LONG day at school, I’m happy to know there’s a place waiting for me. That is my home.
In my house I have food, water and a nice soft bed. I have a TV, a fridge a toaster oven dishwasher sink and other stuff. My room is a place I LOVE to be because there is a TV a bed a window books toys and a pillow. I LOVE MY ROOM. Home is the best place to be
I think that everyone should have a place where they feel happy and safe. A place to call home. No matter what, even if they are a criminal, everyone needs a home. A home does not need to be big, a home needs to be where you feel safe.