Grade 6


My home is a special and unique place

My home is a very special and unique place to me because it provides shelter, and is filled with love and comfort.

First , it is very special to me because it provides shelter to me. If it is rainy or snowy, my home will protect me from freezing. Another reason a shelter is important because if it is cold, I can stay warm and I am safe from harm.

Also, it is very unique to me is because there is love filled in my home . You can share happiness like a delighted star, and you can even share your feelings when you are scared or something weird happened to you. And you can’t forget family dinner . Childrens such as orphans can’t share their happiness,feelings and can’t have family dinner with their family.

Third, my home is very special and unique to me because it is comfortable. Whenever I came back from school I always get a warm welcome like a teddy bear. We are lucky that we get clean water from the tap,history tells that first nations didn’t have clean water. And, some kids that live in dangerous countries like Syria and Iraq don’t get to see their families because of wars, as their families get killed and they don’t get to have their needs that they need to survive . More than 400,000 families got killed in Syria and an estimated of 2 million people got killed in Iraq. And even some kids got killed in wars and some even died because of hunger.

In conclusion, my home is very special and unique to me because it provides me a shelter, it is filled with love and happiness. We all should be thankful for what we have and help those in need.