Grade 6

Fort McMurray

My Home After 2016 Fort McMurray Wild Fire

My home is the home of light and illumination, whoever, enters must feel like a brilliant star. Bahaullah says, “We are the lamps and candles of humanity for our hearts are pure and sensitive”.
Being back in Fort McMurray , six month after the fire, we are different because we are not the same. I can see that families are sad that this Christmas they cannot light up their homes with lights, it’s gone to ashes.
My home is a place of peace and harmony, whoever, enters must leave with laughter and a radiant heart.
Even if my home had burnt during 2016 Fort McMurray wild fire, I would still have fond memories. After re-entry people’s homes were burnt to dust. I am thankful to sleep in my bed wondering how they would deal with their loss now.
My home is a place of hospitality and fellowship, whoever, enters must leave with delighted.
During evacuation I was without a home, and felt like a refugee, sleeping on cots at Northlands and living out of a garbage bag. I was not sure where the next meal would be from but I was content to have my family with me.
My home is a place of generosity and kindness, whosoever, enters must leave with strength and positivity.
During evacuation the people of Alberta showed their humbleness with donation of food, clothing, shelter, and words of hopefulness that we are safe for the time being.
My home is a place of comfort and friendship, whoever enters must feel joyful.
My best friend lost his house and all his valuables, his toys and memorable pictures. If I win this contest, I will get Habitat for Humanity to build a new home for him because Christ said “We are the lambs of the Heavenly Shepherd”.