Grade 5


My home, a very special place

I am a super happy person, because of what i own. Wanna guess? Well it’s a home. My home is a very special place i call mine. This specifically means mine and everyone else’s who lives with me, cares about me, and loves me. Home, home ,home,where i live play , and be me. Your house is fun to, but in my home i just feel more comfortable. Do you know that we all own the best structure in the whole world? It’s a home! When i say the best structure in the world i mean the best structure in the world! It’s even better than the CN tower. In a home you might just be thinking this is a place i stay. No! It’s not, never say that. Your home is where you express love and where you live not stay. Another way i personally like describe my home is royalty like a princess. Royals are very important just like you, me, and our homes. Also, royal is a big word just like home is a big part of our lives. What will you do without a home? My home is not different from a place you call your house. When i talk to you i use the words “ my house”. But, that word “house” has not even 1% of difference to a home. Home and house are the exact same thing. Whenever i step foot in my house I always feel safe and cozy. It is always safe and cozy because i really trust my neighborhood and my best friend i call home. The most heartwarming place i could think of is my home. I call my home heartwarming because everytime i’m at home i can feel my heart getting warmed up and that feels super nice. Home, that very cool word has a very cool meaning that i made for each letter. H=happy, O=ownership, M=mega, and E=extraordinary. These words describe a home to me. This magical place we call home is what we will always come back to after a long day. An easier way to put this is after everything it’s always home sweet home. So please always be thankful for your home and everything else you own because there are some people might be sleeping on the road and they may not own what you own. So here Is everything about a special place i call home.