Grade 4


My Home

A Home is so much more than just a house; a house is only a structure. You are the one who makes it your home. My home is where I learned many different things. It is where I feel safe, and it is where my family is. I can’t even imagine life without a home. There are by far too many people without one.

Home is where I learned a lot of different things. I learned how to be a big sister and how to beat my brother at ultimate wrestling! I also learned how to ride my bike and play. It is where I learned how to walk, talk, and even eat. Home is where I learned to be me!

Home is where I feel safe. It is where family is always there for me when I’m worried or scared, it is where people love me no matter what and it is where I can laugh or cry without others making comments about it. Home is where I feel the most comfort because I know I am safe.

Home is where my family is: my mom, dad, brother, cat and dog. My family is always there to help me, even my younger brother, sometimes. Everyday when I get home from school my dog bolts out the door and trips everyone in her way (because she’s so big!) and every night my cat curls up and purrs himself (and me) to sleep. My whole family loves me.

I think Habitat for Humanity is a great fundraiser, which is why I supported doing this essay for it. We don’t normally think about how important home really is in our busy lives but every now and then you see someone out on the street, homeless and alone. It makes me realize (and maybe you too) how lucky I am and how lost they must be. My life would never be the same without a home. I am so lucky I have a home and family. It is so horrible to even think that people do not have a home.