Grade 6

Niagara Falls

My Home

It started on the streets. It’s true my parents left me,that’s how I ended in the stupid system. Nine years ago when I was three I got put into my first house. I was so excited to finally be in a cozy home but it was the opposite. When I came in they led me to a room with cobwebs and a metal bed. It was horrible. I got moved to another house when I was seven. It was a relief to get out of that place.I got there and as soon as I stepped foot in the house I knew it was going to be a nightmare, well I was right. All the family would do is fight over stupid stuff. Sometimes it was annoying but other times it would get scary. I didn’t feel safe there. The next house I went to I just knew it was going to be a horrifying couple of years. I didn’t have anymore hope. I walked towards this giant house with my head drooping, the first thing I saw was a cozy welcome mat in front of the door I looked up to see a couple waiting for me to come in. I walked in examining the place. The Robinson couple were talking to my social worker with huge smiles on their faces. Only nine months and I was loving it. We had family game night every Friday, full meals and I wasn’t scared to come out of the cozy room they had given me. I felt like I could call that place my home. For my twelfth birthday they gave me the best present someone could give to a foster child. A home with a loving family. I finally had a last name, Victoria Robinson!