Grade 6


My Home

When I’m at home.
I feel like I am in my own zone.
When I’m at home, I almost never feel sad.
But sometime I do feel bad.

Because I know some people don’t have a home to go to.
Like me and also like you.
And I’m sure you could agree.
We should all have a home to be.

But I’m sure they’ll find a way.
Hopefully some day.
I am really glad.
That I have a place to go when I do feel sad.

I’m happy that I have roof over my head.
So it is not raining when I’m in my bed.
When I open the lights.
I really feel delight.
I’m happy I have food to eat.
And a bed where I can sleep.
Last but not least my home is a place to stay.
Or go every single day.