Grade 6


My Home

Hello! Come inside my beautiful home. While we are waiting for my father to cook supper, let’s visit my house! Don’t worry! You will have the best guide!
Let’s start in the living room, where we can sit on the comfortable leather couch and talk by the cozy fireplace. Let me give you a brief idea of the rooms in this house. The room behind the wall in front of us is the dining room. Then, beside it, is the kitchen. Down the hallway to your left is the bathroom, and behind it is the laundry room. After is the second living room. Downstairs is my sister’s apartment. If you go up the stairs you will have the bathroom directly in front of you, to your left my room and to your right the guest’s room. Behind you, to your right, is my parent’s GIANT bedroom.“Supper’s ready!“Shouts my dad. Oh! Let’s go to the dining room.
This chicken is scrumptious. Also, the barbecue sauce makes it sweet. What do we have for desert dad?“We have chocolate cookies.“
Thank you for coming! I hope you liked the visit. Also, I sure hope we will see each other again!
For me, a home is a place where all your dreams come true, a place where you are free, where you appreciate life. At home you can be as lazy as you want. It is also a place where you have happy moments, as well as bad moments. At home you can do whatever you want. Some people might not have a home, while others do. I feel very lucky to have a home. And, the most important part of it is the people that make it the place to always come to. Whatever happens in my home, I will always love it!