Grade 5


My Home


Have you ever moved before? I have moved four times and I’m only ten years old. Moving is so scary and interesting. It was scary because not only was a moving to a new house but also a new country, Canada.
I remember getting of the plane and I felt cool. We soon saw our new apartment and I wanted to explore it. I started playing with my sister and feeling happy and my house started to become a home. When I moved to a new country I was so scared. I left my old home behind and all of my friends too. I was worried to see my new house, my new room. Would I have a good school? Would I make new friends. I felt alone.
Finally, I got to see my new house. It took time to get used to everything. I’m still getting used to things and meeting new people. Home is where you feel safe and loved. Everyday I’m in my new home I feel safer. Home is a feeling and home gets better everyday.

By Lina