Grade 4


My Home

My Home
My home is a good place to be. I would not want to be on the streets. I live in good home. My home is near a town. I like to be in a house instead of on the streets and very poor.

Some people are not like we are. They are not living in houses like we are today. All of them are poor and are homeless as well. We are lucky to have a house.

Some people are very poor and they are homeless and don’t get a safe place to sleep and stay for bad weather. I am not like that and I am glad. Some people are very unlucky to live like this and we don’t want people to be like this.

I live in a house and it is stable, keeps me safe and I am very happy to live in a house. My house is like my protection and will keep me safe too.

People now will have homes and be safe inside. These
homes will keep people safe and will be stable to live in.

By Karlee Cey