Grade 4


My home

My home means a lot to me, because that is where I grow up, where my memories of when I was little are. It might not be big or fancy but to me it is perfect.

In my home, there is love, happiness, joy, and kindness. My home also means a lot to me because I have fun there, I have friends who live nearby, and of course I have my family as well. I don’t have to share a room because I have no siblings and in the other room is where I play with my toys. Also, my home means a lot to me because I have a peaceful place to do my homework.

At home, I have sleepovers with my cousins and movie night with my family and friends. Home also means having someone to snuggle with before going to bed. Home is where I’m hundred percent me and where I find comfort. It is where I can speak my language and do my nails.