Grade 6


my home

My Home

Home is a place to have fun.
Home is a place where we smell bread baking and my dog siting under the table eating the dropped food from our meals. We join one another at the dinner table and share stories of our days as a family.
The basement is a place to play games and watch TV with family and play mini sticks with my friends. We get loud and crazy together but the time we spend together is important.
The guitar room is like no other. It is a way that my dad and I get to hang out together playing guitar. It is fun and exciting to learn the instrument and jam to the best tunes.
My living room is where my parents’ friends hang out and watch sports together. Also, the living room is where we watch movies it’s a room of getting together and making memories.
It is never a dull moment at my house. My favorite part of the house is the garage where we play hockey. We shoot pucks and try to hit targets.
That is what home means to me.