Grade 6


My Home

My Home
To me, home is my safe place.
When you walk to my creamy coloured door you can hear all the chaos going on. My mom is cooking supper in the kitchen. My sister cuddles with my barking dog, Chuck and my dad in the garage putting away tools. My cats chasing string all around my home.
That sounds like home.
When we have our Saturday movie night. We all snuggle together, my cat is on my lap and my dog on my foot. My parents cuddle on the couch, and my sister is knocked out on the floor.
That looks like home.
On Christmas morning we go around the Christmas tree and we open our presents. [Yay I got Disney infinity 4.0!] My mom is recording our Christmas on her phone to capture the moment. My dad is usually sick. We are having delicious breakfast consisting of
cinnamon toast and blueberries with cream.
It tastes like home.
On New Year’s Eve with all the food, my grandparents come over and we all sing karaoke. Then we eat and chat as a family. We watch a movie then we do the countdown to welcome the new-year.
It feels like home.
On my birthday, we have my party at our house and I open my presents and having fun with my friends.
This is my home.