Grade 4


My Home

My house has a roof that keeps me safe. It has four walls, electricity, and plumbing. It has a kitchen to make our meals, and it has a bathroom to keep us clean. We have bedrooms with comfortable beds, closets with clothes, and a door to keep out my little sister Kate. My house has doors with locks to give us privacy and keep us safe.
My house is my home! My home is special because of what is in it, my family, and my funny memories. We have lots of happiness and a little bit of sadness. I grew up there with my family, so I feel safe. My home is warm and welcoming. I can have friends over for play dates. We have big family dinners with my grandma, my aunts, my uncles and my cousins. They all come over. Everyone feels at home.
At home, we laugh a lot, we play games and we try to eat together as a family. My mom and dad brought me home from the hospital. I learned to walk and talk there. I had my first birthday and my first Christmas there. Every night we say a prayer and thank God for our home!