Grade 6


My Home

My Home

Home is who I am, what I am and where I am. At home I feel alive! At home I can be myself!

At my house I can smell the food being made in the kitchen whether it is dessert or dinner, it always smells delicious. In my home I can smell the fresh air from the outdoors coming in through the open doors or windows. At home I can smell when the fish tank needs a water change because it does not smell good at all.

In my house I can see my family working together like they always do. I can see the wind blowing outside and the the trees swaying side to side.I can see the four houses in my tiny neighbourhood and at night I can see all the lights go off. I can see the stars, which is the most beautiful thing. And when I wake up I see a beautiful breakfast in front of me and I am thankful for that food and I am thankful for the people that make my food for me.

At home I can touch the dented garage door from where my brother and I kick soccer balls or pitch baseballs. I can touch my family and give them hugs for who I am and who they have made me. I may not be able to touch my home but it is always there and it will always be there for me no matter where I go and what I do my family and my home will always be in the same place.

At my home I can hear the wind and the trees, I can hear my family playing games and I can hear the laughter from all the jokes they’ve made. Sometimes I can hear sadness but I know that someone is there for them and always will be for ever and ever. I can hear my neighbours on the trampoline.

At home I always feel safe and knowing that I have the best family and home to do that for me. I also feel loved and cared for in the worst or best times I also always feel grateful for my family and for what they do for me that makes the joys and the happiness in my life and in others. I am so thankful for everything my home has given me.

At my home we play games and sports. To me sport isn’t just the game I play it is who I am, what I am and why I am. Sport is every second on the clock, game day or any day! Sports bring us closer together, my neighbourhood, my family and I. At home we play board games and always try and enjoy ourselves.

The rough or the happy times your home will always be there for you and no matter where you go or how you feel Just remember that your family is there for you and your home is there for you and there is nothing that can change that.

Written by,

Shelby Wilson