Grade 6

Nova Scotia

My Home

My Home
Home is not just a house,it is where we come together to laugh and build each other up when we drop to the bottom.
Home is where we can be ourselves and not be judged. A place we can express our emotions and live how we want to live.
Home is a place where there are no labels and everyone has importance, where no one has to change to feel confident in themselves. A place where we are all equal and no person is worth more than anyone else.
Home is where everyone is welcome and we celebrate our differences.
Home is where we grow with each other and we all have our differences, a place where no one is perfect and we all feel special in our own way.
My home is where everyone snuggles together on cold nights to watch baseball games and where we feel we have meaning and no one can bring us down.
Home gives me a feeling that I am loved no matter what, and I have a family to catch me when I fall.
Home is a place where love fills the air, it’s where we come from,where we learn to love each other and a united front, where we stand as one.
Home is place where loved ones come together to rejoice and have hope.