Grade 4

New Brunswick

My Home

My home is a wonderful place to live. It has all the necessities like bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and much more. My stuffys and cats make it a home. I’m lucky to have an awesome home.

Homes are made of memories and if you sell a home you will be sad because you have wonderful memories and don’t want to leave them. I have memories of my old home. I think back of memories of me laughing, crying and having a good time. I love to look at things that have to do with the memories. Memories are important.

My home is not very big but it is still my home. When I look at a mansion I think, “I wish I could live there”. But a homeless person’s point of view would see a small cottage as a mansion.

You can build a home with no nails or wood but a house is a shelter not a family put together. A lot of people are sad because they don’t have a home or it’s being taken from them. Some people are getting sick and losing hope.

If your home is being taken away from you, you would know what it’s like to open the cupboard and see barely anything. At my home, I open the cupboard and see it bulging with food.

I think we should be nicer to homeless people. So remember, a house is a place but a home is everything!