Grade 5


My Home!

My Home
My home,is not just a building.Itś much more.Itś a feeling.
Wrapped in security. Memories made,never to forget.Love is the one thing to remember,

because,home,is forever,and ever.
My home,is where,thereś peace & comfort.Warmth & joy ,keeps us strong.What does home mean to me?
Simple. It’s being anywhere with my family.It’s not just a building that can be torn apart.
Homes are built but never taken away.My home,is the most precious thing.I am thankful,that I have a home,a family that really loves me.I wish for all that don´t,that theyĺl have a home too.

My home,is where I have no worries.No stress,all my ¨once in a while worries¨,to my mom I confess..Never a tense moment.
My home,may be small,but is safe & snug.With my dadś comfy laugh,& my momś cheery smile.

Whether you take away walls,or take away the roof,you can never,take away my home.Ragged as it may be,itś still my home.My heart is in my home,& home is where the heart is.