Grade 6

New Brunswick

my home

Ring, the bell rings…finally time to go home after a long day at school. I wait for my brother time feels like it is standing still. He finally walks out the door and I start sprinting with my book bag slamming across the ground so I can get home. We arrive home, and I feel exhausted and want to take a nap, on the other hand my home is a safe place for me to play. Its warm and comfortable and it’s a place where I make memories in.

I go to my room drop my book bag on the floor as if I was in heaven then I realize that not everyone has a place to call home, to be safe, comfortable, warm and make memories they don’t have some where to cuddle up like some people they probably don’t even have families to look up to, someone to say I love you every day it’s sad but true.

I feel that everyone should have a home because everyone deserves the right to be warm to have a life where they can get love. But for us it’s like we don’t even care we have a home so if we on the street we consider them as hobos or homeless but they are human beings, I’m not just saying it’s you. Despite the fact that I’m writing this now I could only think of how everyone didn’t have a home. My final point is that just because you have a home make others feel that way too.
On that occasion people are still struggling to get a roof over their head, I hear stories from my dad when he was a little child he lived through a war and it was hard to keep a roof over their heads so I appreciate that were in a safe environment and are able to have a roof over our heads.
In conclusion I think everybody should have a place to call home. Did you know when you go to sleep at night in your soft and warm bed some people are still sleeping on the cold outdoor grounds, when you eat a warm homemade meal they strive to find anything to eat just to stay alive, so when you see a person on the street before you judge look deep to see beyond that point because everyone has a story to tell and sometimes just a smile may just make someone’s day.