Grade 6


My home

My home

My home has a lot of stories, but I’m only going to tell you one of them. It was my 9th birthday party and it was space lazer tag themed. It was colossally amazing! So let me tell you about it. The funny thing is it was in my home.

My mom and dad rented some laser tag guns, lights and vests. I had invited my whole class, (well I had to). That was twenty five of my friends! We were in the the middle of elimination. . . . .

The awesome lazer tag equipment malfunctioned.
“OH NO!” I exclaimed, because I had almost won.
When the power went out, we were in a pitch black sweet smelling darkness (from my pink and purple cotton candy cake). Then we struggled to find my pink and purple cotton candy birthday cake in the dark. We found it, but to my disappointment my dad had sat on it.
“Oh dad,” I sighed.
Well I guess there goes my pink and purple cotton candy birthday cake. Sometimes sad things or just things you don’t what to happen in your home, like your dad sitting on your amazing pink and purple cotton candy birthday cake. But you can always get another cake next year. My home is important to me because my home will always be a place that I love and a place where I feel safe.