Grade 6

New Brunswick

My home

“It’s time to get up my” mom says. I lift my heavy eyelids and relies it’s another day of
Rise and shine. I spring out of bed brush my teeth eat and get dressed.

After school I come home to find my mom and sister. We usually eat supper at 5:00 a stomach
Filling meal. Do you ever fell like if you don’t eat in the next five minutes you’re going to
Die? I definitely have yet here I am.

Home is where I know I’m safe it can be happy, sad, joyful, scary. My point is for the good times
or bad, that’s where it happens.

It’s sad that not everyone has a home. No one wants to be homeless or have a home that costs to
much. I think everyone should have a home it’s not fair to the people who don’t have one they
should have a roof over their head and a place to sleep. Or spend time with family. Whereas
some people take their home for granted.

Tired, cold, wet, scared, hurt, confused, hungry, or bitter. That’s what it’s like to be homeless.
Why doesn’t everyone have one? Hopefully we can all do our part to make it happen. Make the
Homeless have a home the unsheltered sheltered the sad happy the hurt healed we all are equal
Aren’t we?