Grade 6

New Brunswick

My Home

After a long crazy day of sports and school my heart is pumping and my legs are shacking. I’m so tired a can barely walk. When I walk through the front door I can imagine my fluffy blanket smothering me. Then, I drop my bag on the floor and sprint to my room. I yank the door open and crash on my bed. And of course I fall asleep.

However, some people don’t have a bed or a house most people don’t even have a roof over their head. In fact, some people have kids that’s even worse. I really hope one day everybody will at least have a roof over their head. Seriously, it’s crazy how many people are homeless everybody should have a home. Even if their poor.

Therefore, home is the place I’m thankful for. Home is where I can laugh, play and not be judged. My favorite times at my house are when we play games like Jenga, Uno or even a deck of cards. We always have either friends or family over. And we are always having fun! With the warm fireplace on and everybody all cozy together I know I’m safe.

Every day when I walk through the door I see pictures of the family and artwork all over the walls. I can smell a delicious meal and sometimes fresh baked cookies. I’m so lucky to have an amazing meal every day. If anything is every wrong I know I can talk to my family about it. Even though we fight a lot (mostly me and my brothers) we all love each other a lot.

Finally, some people may not have a home or friends and family. So if you do you better be thankful. I’ve learned a lot of things while writing this essay but the big thing is to love your friends and home. I still can’t believe some people are homeless. How would you feel?