Grade 6

New Brunswick

my home

Carter Melanson
Mrs. Piron
NOV 4 2016
My Home
I’m slumped at the back of the bus, coming home from a long day of learning at school. The burning glare of the sun hits my face and I’m ready to fall asleep. CREEEK!!! Finally, the bus grinds to a stop, and I hop off knowing that home is waiting for me. I trudge down the street, come through the front door, toss my book bag on the floor and just flop on the couch. I think to myself, “no better place than home”.
Home is a place where we host celebrations such as, birthdays, Christmas and family dinners. Birthdays are a big thing in this family and last year was an extra special one. Instead, of me getting all the presents we did a gift swap so everybody got a present. Everyone loved the idea of the gift swap, we also decorated candy apples and man, were they good. But the thing we did that birthday was a thing that makes me proud to this very day. The thing that we did for the homeless. We all gathered down stairs and got into groups of two and everyone was clueless to what we were doing until my mom told us we were making baskets for the homeless.
The supplies gave them were: tooth brushes, shampoo, soap, gum, candy, and lots of other stuff. On Christmas Eve we delivered the decorated boxes to the homeless shelter after church on a howling gusty night. The men at the shelter were so happy to get their gifts. I could see tears in some of their eyes. I’ll never forget what we did that Christmas Eve.

I describe home as a place where you know you can come in from a cold frosty night and still know there is hot chocolate waiting for you. Home is a place where you can come home from a hard, hot, tired day of school and know there is a remote and a couch waiting for you. Its knowing that you can rely on hot delicious meals will be on the table. Hot or cold they are always delicious. We also have warm cozy beds that you can just flop onto whenever you want and fall asleep with the snap of your fingers. Our home is built off friendship, teamwork, memories (good and bad), family, friends and kindness and a little help from the builders.
This may sound odd but home is hockey! Ever since 2008 we start to build our backyard rink. It starts the first week of November. My brother and I both play AAA hockey and it is a big part of the Melanson family.
My dad works very hard on the rink to keep the ice smooth and rock solid. He keeps the rink up all winter. The ice melts in March and we take it down in May. It takes one week to build and takes two plus weeks to take apart. We use the ice to practice our techniques. For example, shooting, stick handling and skating. In the winter lots of our friends come over and we have many party’s where the parents lounge in the warm house and all the kids play a big game of shiny on the rink. The rink is a massive part of my life because I love hockey very much and I am very thankful for that.
Now that I did my fair share on telling you about how we celebrate traditions, on what home looks like, feels like and how my friends skate, shoot and have lots of fun, now it’s your turn.
I have written and corrected my story, so now I want you to ask yourself: What does home mean to me? Does your home connect with some of the memories and traditions out of my family? Remember, everybody has their own story even if there are some bumps in the road!